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We believe every individual deserves an opportunity.

Technology can help you get there.

10ten is a technical education platform and community that aims to help anyone to start and develop their career journeys in technology, by connecting people that are eager to learn and develop their technical skills with top tech experts that are the best talents in the industry to build relationships that help them grow, while also having fun in a highly interactive way.

Whether you are in a non-technical role and would like to become more technical, would like to be able to understand and communicate more effectively with technical teams, or even build your own technology, design solutions, and solve problems, to either land your dream job in tech or create one, this is the perfect place for you.

If you are already a tech lead, creator, or top software engineer who is willing to inspire others with technology and share your skills, to create growth opportunities for you and others while doing what you love, this is also the right place to be.

If you are simply curious about the beauty and power of tech, well, this is the right place for you too!

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