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Start with the basics

Understand how technology works on a high level, the different career paths available for you, which programming language you should learn, and how you can learn technical skills in a friendly way, even without a technical background.

Build solid foundations

Learn the fundamentals and practice your skills to start doing things that may have sounded impossible before, like designing and publishing your first website, building functional applications that others can use, and creating many cool projects of value.

Develop an engineering mindset

Learn how to think like an engineer to analyze and grasp how things work from first principles, develop a problem-solving approach, build solutions, and unlock your full professional potential.

Apply your new skills

Collaborate in real-world projects to expand your capabilities and productivity, build your portfolio to demonstrate your work and celebrate your achievements with others.

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Meet and connect with amazing people who will help you along your journey, mentoring and collaborating with you to help you get your dream job in tech and build your ambitious projects.

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